Geocoding API

Every place in the world can be positioned on a map with longitude and latitude. This service takes care of the conversion of a place name, country name or street name to a longitude and latitude at a lightning fast pace. This is unlocked in the JSON format.

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Live Traffic API

Live traffic information within the Netherlands in an easy JSON API? Which can! We interpret the Open Data from NDW and translate this into a user-friendly response. Please note: this is only for the Netherlands.

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I make intensive use of different digital platforms for my work, Creative Applications maintains and advises me on my "digital household". Easily accessible, fast and with a very high resolution percentage of problems. In short: more than satisfied!
Fides Infra - Fred Jeijsman
Creative Applications is a friendly and above all expert entrepreneur in the field of IT! Clearly indicated in advance what the costs will be of a self-developed application for our organization, all this realized in no time! Very pleasant to deal with, we will certainly continue to use Creativeapps and its services in the future.
Electronic Repair Rotterdam - Stefan van der Zee
Creative Applications has realized a beautiful website in a responsible manner and with full knowledge of the facts, fully furnished to my wishes. By also handing over hosting and maintenance, I can focus fully and worry-free on my own company.
Sjoerd Wijnands - Wijnands Mediation
Creative Applications is not only clear and fast in its communication, it also performs the work correctly and adequately
Stuurman B.V. - Rogier Stuurman
Super experience with CA. Always effective and quick action in case of problems with our website. Expert advice with a proper cost estimate in advance. Not to mention: almost 24/7 available and always nice contact.
RAUW Rotterdam - David Dol
Indicates very clearly in advance what the costs will be and has a super work ethic. The work was carried out very skillfully. The cooperation was pleasant and professional from the start and has made good proposals based on our wishes. An absolute professional.
PublicView - Rick Schwarz
Creative Applications is a pleasant company to work with, quickly, efficiently and accurately. But perhaps the most important thing is that he is reliable and keeps his agreements. He delivered a great piece of software for us in PHP that we are very happy with. Even after the delivery, Erik occasionally asks how things are going and if everything still works properly. Highly recommended! Thank you Erik for your professionalism.
Vyrex Solutions - Egon van der Jagt
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